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Preserve your family's
special stories...

Meet the "Tell me about your
Life, Grandma" kids activity box.

When we share the stories of our family with our children, we build a sense of belonging & create deeper connection.

Remember the recipe grandma taught you? Or the jokes your dad used to tell? Preserve your family's stories with a fun activity for your kids and their grandparents.

The Grandparent Project

How it Works

  • Life Story Questions: After opening the box, your child chooses 5 or more questions to ask grandma or grandpa out of the 50 questions we provide. 
  • The Format: Next, kids choose between capturing their interview on video or in writing. Interviews can also be over Zoom or Face-time for those long-distance grandparents...
  • Get interviewing. Kids and Grandparents work together to create a storybook or video of memories
  • ​Action Card Time! In addition to the interview, kids and grandparents will pick 1-6 action cards. Together they will fill their keepsake box with special treasures, decorate it, bake one of your old family recipes, and more...
We're here to help!
The video class pass included in your box gives kids access to an array of online videos to watch together.

Sample Questions

"What was school like when you were little?"
"What was mom's favorite meal? Let's make it!"
"Did you ever get in trouble?"
What were your parents like?
"What's your favorite childhood memory?"
"Why did you marry grandpa?"
Let's take a photo of us!
"Do you have a favorite treasure? Can I see it?"

Our Mission:

Preserve the 'one-of-a-kind stories' only our parents can tell! Set up some special grandparent time for your kids...

Hi - my name is Linda...

I'm a wife, a busy mom of two amazing kids, a daughter and granddaughter and I am on a mission to help people - real people - preserve their stories for those they love.

If you have loved listening to your parents and grandparents stories like I have, you may have thought about passing them on to your kids. Yet convincing a loved one to write down their life can been tricky. Often we give up or delay until it is too late...

After a LOT of trial and error, I realized that it is our children who can bridge the gap and help our parents preserve their memories! Working on a Life Story Project together not only preserves some of those special memories, but it also offers a deeply meaningful, connecting activity both generations enjoy. Don't delay this important project. Join us & get started today!

*Photos below show our prototype. You will receive the actual printed box!
Watch my interview with WFAA
Pre-Order your 'Tell Me Your Story' Kit & preserve your family's stories!
You'll Get All Of This:
(Photos shown are of our prototype. You will receive one of our first 100 REAL boxes!)
Keepsake Box
The box we ship your products to you in will become your beautiful Keepsake box to decorate and keep forever! You can even fill in your grandparent's favorite nickname!
Project Instruction Manual for Your Child
We designed our kids box project to be like a game or treasure hunt for  your child. Our instruction manual tells them exactly what to do. All you have to do it download & print.
  50 Questions Booklet
Our 50 questions to ask grandma PDF gives your child plenty to choose from to interview her.
Memory Book Templates to Fill out Together
To make the perfect memory keepsake book, we provide plenty of templates to download! All you have to do it print, decorate and bind!
Action Cards
From baking an old family recipe together, to finding old treasures to include in the keepsake box - our memory cards bring a lot of laughter to grandparents and grand-kids alike!
A special surprise!
Each box comes with its own set of special surprises for your son or daughter!
Welcome Video
We will welcome your memory keeper team via an engaging, kid-friendly video explaining the project and sharing assignments.
'Library of Video Lessons' to Help Your Child
Not sure how to interview grandma? How to record an amazing video? Our video library if here to help! Kid-friendly, we share tips and ideas to make your project a success!
+ BONUS: Questions Excel File
Our comprehensive Questions Excel file is organized by age groups so you can help your child find the most relevant questions!
Be one of the first to get the "Tell me about your Life" Kids Activity Box. If you live in DFW we'll hand-deliver in time for Mother's Day!


  Keepsake Box
  Project Instruction Manual
  Life Story Questions Booklet
  50 Questions Excel
  Memory Book Templates
  Library of Video Tutorials
  Action Cards
  Special Surprise
All Just $57
$49 During Pre-Sale!
We will 20% of all sales to Barbara Austin Elementary PTO!
I Promise There Really is No Catch!

I'm just a startup owner with a desire to make a difference and I would be honored to join you on your journey of capturing your family's stories.

Much Love,
EMail me at with any questions!
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  • Welcome Video
  • ​Project Instruction Manual
  • 50 Questions PDF
  • 100 Questions Excel
  • ​Memory Book Templates
  • ​Library of Video Tutorials
  • ​Action Cards
  • ​$10 Donation to Austin Elementary PTO
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(Photos shown are of our prototype. You will receive one of our first 100 REAL boxes!)
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